Artist's Statement

With a young child in the house it became difficult to paint. Our son would climb onto my lap and zoom his toys through the dining room table where I set up a make shift studio. It became clear that he, his toys were telling a new story and this was a story to share.“The Balancing Act” series is the story of how a child changes everything. Life becomes chaotic, surreal, frustrating and at the same time beautiful and magical and hysterically funny.With great negotiation, bribery and other assorted tactics I “borrow” my son’s toys and combine them with objects around the house. Negotiations break down and progress halts as the toy in the painting becomes the most desirable in the house.Still life reconstruction is needed. Perspective is thrown off. More bribery and negotiation is needed.The story of each painting unfold with the day to day must do’s and want to do’s.Each piece tells it’s own little tale with highly symbolic juxtapositions of objects and scale. They are all 12”X12” oil on panel representative of the limited and therefore preciousness of space and time and energy in a typical/atypical day.