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The Creative Process

Creation starts with play. Sometimes a play on words. Sometimes playing with toys. All paintings start essentially as a still life. From the first few objects the idea for the story is set but most times thepieces of the puzzle come together as the work develops. For instance this latest piece "Golf is Work" started out as a little John Deere figurine lifting a giant ball with a shovel. An oversized club was in the foreground of a tidy green. For whatever reason it just wasn't coming together. One cat liked swatting shovel man about. The other cat liked the golfball. The third cat liked where I was working. It wasn't going to happen and yet I couldn't let go of the idea.

While cleaning a black stream train & a little red wagon caught my attention, throw in a couple of pushy rubber elephants and an homage to St Andrews....The photos below show the genesis of the idea to it's close to conclusion. The finished piece will hopefully be delivered to Concord on Friday:)

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